Neighborhood Supply

Darrell and Teresa Loyd opened Neighborhood Supply at the intersection of Emma and West Market streets in December 2015.

"We've had this building for a few years, and nothing in the bottom of it, so we were trying to decide whether to rent it or do something with it and decided to put this in and see if it will work," said Darrell. "We thought this town would like it," Teresa added.

The Loyds said they heard a chain store in the same area was moving across town, which left a need in the downtown area.

"We thought it would be a nice addition to the town where people could come in and grab a few things and not pay the convenience store prices," Darrell said.

"I'm real excited about it," added Teresa. "The town seems to be very receptive of it. I'm happy to see one of these old buildings downtown restored."

The store features a small line of groceries — there's only one major grocery store in Christopher — but specializes in household items.

"We keep everything, anything you would need around the house and we're constantly changing inventory," Darrell said. "We've just been open for a week and we're asking people what they want."

Most of the items in the store are sold for a buck.

"We try to keep as many $1 items as we can. For some of the brand names, it's impossible to offer them for $1 because we simply pay more for the brand name. Our goal is to offer as many inexpensive things as we can," Darrell said.